Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 10 - La Roda

A long 38 km today. If you think the via de la Plata is flat, this is even more so, which is good for such a high mileage day. A bit boring and the way is essentially parallel to the highway or rail.

The rabbits are out with a vengeance. They are so fast it's impossible to take their photo. Their burrows can be seen all over but it doesn't mean they are there. They are mostly seen scampering around. The rabbit season I was told is in mid October and it has been confirmed that they are the source for the chicken and rabbit Paella Valenciano. Unlike those in France which are more like hares the ones here looks more like a rabbit and are quite cute with cotton tails and all. Sad fate for many of them here.

The albergue in La Roda is at the Plaza de Torros. We were looking around but could not find the albergue when we realized it was actually in the bull ring! The albergue is in the infirmary (wounded matador?) with a chapel next door (dead matador?). I don't really approve of bull fights but still can't resist posing in the ring. The albergue has only four beds (2 on the cosy room and the other 2 in the kitchen). Mike and me has the cosy room and Carlos has the kitchen all to himself. Today is his last day and he will be returning home to Valencia. He does a short stretch at a time.

Only the three of us are here. The others cut the stage into two 20 km day and are behind in La Gineta, including Manfried. We attempt this only because the terrain today is flat and boring. Don't want to walk two short days in this boring terrain. Really tired. Need the rest and sleep for the 30 km tomorrow.

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