Thursday, October 16, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 12 Las Pedroñeras (end of my first leg)

A very misty and cold day. Brrrrr. Was 8 degrees at 7 am and no more than 10-12 degrees the rest of the day. At least it was not raining. Temperature is expected to go up back into the 20s over the next few days. This is probably just a dip in the past two days due to the cold rain front.

The whole route today is essentially on the Ruta de Don Quijote. Interesting name for a route based on a fictional character.

Onions and more roadside grapes along the way. Seems that I bought less fruits on this Camino in the supermarket and just help myself to them along the way (except the onions).

Had our lunch at the ruin of Santiago del Torre. This very old structure is a fort that protects the people and the nearby river stream in the old days.

The day ended in an average working town of Las Pedroñeras. A distance of 24 km (plus 2 km) since we have to look for the only hostal here (strange as this is quite a big town) instead of the Parish albergue with only 2 beds. The reason for the hostal is that we end our walk here today. When Mike or me ever decide to continue the Camino de Levante the next time we will know where to stay before we start the next leg. Also, we need to check for the bus station and schedule so that we would know how to come back here.

I would love to be able to walk one more day but there doesn't seems to have public transport facilties (from the guide) in tomorrow's destination for me to get to Madrid on Friday.

So now no longer a pilgrim but a tourist again. With a spare day, we have decided to take a bus to Cuenca tomorrow, a very nice cliff side city that I had visited before but not Mike. Then on Friday morning I will go to Madrid while Mike will return to his place near Malaga from Cuenca.

Interesting that with last12 days of walking I would have already arrive in Zamora if I am doing it on a bicycle (10-11 days?). With walking I will still need another 17 more days or so.

We had walk officially at least officially 327.29 km out of 801.01 km.

Many firsts for this Camino.

1. First camino for me in autumn.
2. First camino where I did not complete but in stages.
3. First camino with lots of fruit/nut picking (due to the season I guess)
4. First camino where I did not walk alone but someone else.

Also first to walk more than 40 km on sandals (Crocs) after my boots disintegrated.

This is it. Signing off till the next time.

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