Monday, October 6, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 2 - Xàtiva

30.4 km today. Markings are not very good but thanks to Google manage to put us back on track a couple of times.

The Crocs held up pretty well surprisingly. Still would need to get a pair of shoes probably in a big enough town tomorrow.

Lots of orange and persimmon plantation along the way. At Alzira witness a 125 years old ceremony where many of the women and men from the surrounding townships dressed up. No idea what is the occasion but I guess the Spanish don't need much of an excuse to dress up or celebrate.

At Probla Llarga a bike race and a nice lunch with Paella Valenciano, the signature paella with chicken and hare meat.

Finally at Xàtiva with a Moorish looking pavilion and and at the albergue, a nice view of the church and laundry (badly needed washing).

There seems to be even more town names here starting with 'Al' than in Andalucia, testament to the Moorish (Arabic) origin.

Tomorrow would be slightly better at 28 km. Good thing for the company that makes the hot day walking easier. In fact, talk so much that it feels quite different than a regular Camino.

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