Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 3 - Moixent

Yesterday we were in a nice tourist albergue. Today back to the regular one. So dingy that we have decided to take the extra matteres outside since the days are still hot and nights are not cold (yet). Better view of the hills than a stuffy room with only 3 bunk beds. Just hope it doesn't rain tonight. If so would have to go back into that stuffy room.

Again today have to go to the police to get the keys. No escort this time and albergue is far away behind the red cross at the edge of town. The only good thing is a hot shower and not even a box for donations. The police to get the keys take like half an hour as they take so long to record everything from your passport. Bureaucracy.

Met a nice German guy but he stopped at the last town as he does sketches with acrylic pencils. Hope he makes it here.

Shoes. Yes, got a nice pair of Ascics runners at Canals. Comfy and no new blisters. Now for some nice dinner. Lunch was just an egg and cheese bocadillos.

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