Thursday, October 9, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 6 - Alpera

The castle at Almansa is the probably of Moorish origin based on the name of the town. Looks even better in the morning.

Around 22 km for today and tomorrow as we didn't want to do the almost 40 km stage. The detour only cost 4 km and the hostal the we called earlier yesterday has vacancy at only 18 euros each for the 3 of us in a room.

Nice landscape with a long table plateau. Have to walk around it to Alpera. Even though Alpera is not part of the Camino Levante there are arrow waymarkings to the place! I guess there are enough pilgrims who would rather make the deviation rather slough out an almost 40 km distance. Alpera is a small town but at least has a hostal and restaurants.

I really like this town! Though they are not on the official way, there must be enough pilgrims making this detour rather than do an almost 40 km day that the town folks are familiar with pilgrims. They even have yellow arrows leading to their town and out and I find them particularly friendly to pilgrims. Even the hostal did not ask for payment and we can run a tab with out food and drinks until we check out tomorrow. Lots of trust here. Plus lots of stray cats that seems well fed. Maybe the friendliness is also because they are a smaller town?

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