Saturday, October 11, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 7 - Higueruela

Around 22 km today as we split this stage into two days. The albergue only have 2 beds further up the hill so the three of us decided to stay in a hostal again to give the two Spaniards a chance to stay at the albergue, or anyone that attempts the almost 40 km today today from Almansa. Beginning to feel a little decadent and spoilt by the past two days. In any case a twin sharing at this hostal is only 30 euros (20 for single) and the reastaurant/bar is the same establishment, no unnecessary walk.

The wind are strong and refreshingly cold until noon for the past two days. Then it gets real hot. Today even the afternoon is cxool. The weather may change and be wet over the weekend.

Preparing for close to 30 km tomorrow. At least there is a town around the 11 km mark unlike the past few days where there were no town in between the day's walk. Two more days to a major La Mancha city Abacete.

Met a skinny cat here in Higueruela. Fed a small tin of tuna, very hungry. The little girl says it's her cat but it is probably the neighborhood cat living on scraps. She has a name though as even the other kids address her as Mansita as they walked by. This town is as small as Alpera yesterday.

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