Sunday, October 12, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 8 - Chinchilla

Around 29 km today. Manfried has fallen behind, probably to do more scetches. After a quick break at Hoya Gonzalo, lunch under an acorn tree plus another quick break we got into Chinchilla. This place is the crossroad for Camino de Levante and Camino Sureste. One would imagine that it would have an albergue here, but no, just the couple of affordable hostal at the bottom of the hill. It's more like motel for truckers/cars along the highway. At least we got to go up to the castle (with our backpacks!). Hope to catch up with Manfried for dinner, not sure when he will up.

The castle in Chinchilla is old (Roman) but the looks and built suggest that it has been rebuilt many times over. We can even see Albacete (tomorrow), only 17 km (walk). Albecete is one of the four big city in La Mancha, the others are Toledo, Guadalajara and Cuenca. The Camino Levante will pass through my only Albacete and Toledo. To bad my journey this trip will end before Toledo. Next time then.

The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow. Thank goodness it is a short walk.

Update: Once again, Manfried shows up right on time for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information, yes, sometimes we have habits, that never change. Dinner is very important for Manfred, hope he gets some sweets as well. Keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow, so it won`t rain too much. Have a good day all of you! Ursula

Evan Low said...

Yes Ursula, we can tell his habit. :)
Even then he doesn't eat much at all unlike me (I am such a pig). I think I might be gaining weight despite walking so much every day.