Sunday, October 12, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 9 - Albecete

An interesting hooded statue and a house built into the side of the hill with a long chimney in Chinchilla on our way out. Again we split with Manfried, this time he wanted to follow the waymarking into the main Plaza up the hill but for us we wanted to detour around the hill (easier) since we were already there yesterday (including climbing up to the castle). Naturally Manfried wants to be follow the official waymarking. In any case we will meet up in Albecete at the hostal, showing the lack of albergues here on this Camino.

Albacete is only 14 km by the highway from Chinchilla and only 16-17 km on foot so it is a relatively short day. Basically it is a path next to the highway/rail so nothing too special in today's walk.

There are lots of cyclist on mountain bikes using this track coming out from Albacete this Sunday. Even more interesting is a sheppard with 102 sheeps just 5 km outside Albecete considering it is quite an urban city.

There are no special attractions here in Albecete. Even the Cathedral is a bit a little plain. But as a livable city it is very clean and green. Parks everywhere and very bicycle friendly with lots of bicycle path on the road.

Today is also Spain's national day and there is a military display outside the cathedral (including the soldiers wearing the unique Spanish headdress). The Prince of Spain was also on TV presiding over a military parade in Madrid.

What is special about Albecete are their knives and daggers. The design goes way back to the Moors, with a safety catch that locks the blade when extended. Mike and me bought a pocket size knife, a great souvenir and also better than the tiny blade I am currently using to cut cheese on the road. We were lucky as the owner says he is the only shop that opens on Sunday. He is seen holding a much bigger dagger in the picture.

The rain did not come but there was some drizzling rain in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is a 40 km day with a town about halfway. Problem is buying provisions/food as today is Sunday and the supermarket and breadshops are not open. Since this is a big enough city, we can get a pizza later after dinner and just carry it along for tomorrow.

We are keeping it open as we might actually attempt this 40 km distance unless the weather or other factors intervene.

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