Thursday, September 17, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 0 again

Manage to rendezvous with Michael in Albacete. We are supposed to take a bus to Las Pedroñeras.according to the schedule departure but were told we have book a day in advance. Huh? Anyway, time for plan B. Take the local train to Villarobledo plus a short taxi ride to Mota del Cuervo (easier when we can split the cost). So we will cheat a couple km and start tomorrow from Mota instead. Also considering the stage from Las Pedroñeras is 30 over km it is better for the first day walking half that distance slowly easing our body for the journey.

Tomorrow I will log in as day 13 instead of day 1 for the sake of continuity on the Camino de Levante since the first 12 days were already completed last year.

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