Monday, September 21, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 16 Mora

A fair in Mora. Lots of people, food, rides around. Our dinner is food from the fair and also takeout sandwiches for tomorrow just in case. No supermarket opened on Sunday but manage to find an alimentacion (provision shop) that's open. It's run by a Chinese couple who originally came from outskirts of Shanghai 12 years ago. Many thanks to people like them that one can get things on Sunday. Many of them open bazaar shops selling all kinds of simple products (bought a replacement towel on an earlier camino once) or provision stores.

Tomorrow's stage is 40 km to Toledo. Arghhh! 36-37 is like the limit. My record was 45 km and that is not by choice which is something no sane walker should do. Given that we have to be still careful (Michael's backache not coming back) and our reluctance to walk too early (so we can have our morning coffee at the bar which open around 7-7:30) we will probably walk no more than 25 km tomorrow and leave the rest of the 15 km for the following day. Much better to arrive in Toledo earlier to enjoy the city more.

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