Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 17 Toledo

I had to walk up the hill on the westerly side of Toledo's Tagus river to get the classic view of the city. A great way to enjoy the sunset. I even have to take a panoramic shot to capture the whole thing. This would have been the view if we had walk the last kms into the city but due to circumstances that we could not control had to take a bus from Burguillos. The climb up the hill is the penance but well worth the effort. The river really surround the city and the bridges are only on the easterly end. Michael didn't join as his blisters are getting worse and the Sun had also worn him out quite a bit.

The city's interior is difficult for photos as the churches and buildings are so close together, except maybe Cervantes' statue and the arabic doorway arches. This pretty much marks the end of the Levante as the terrain will slowly change as we move further north west towards Zamora.

This is my third time to Toledo (first two times as a tourist, 1990 and 2002). It has really changed quite a bit. Understand it is a tourist spot but it seems even more popular now with even open top buses for tourists. Inside it feels different from my previous trips. Well I guess things change. Glad to get out from the tourist crowd tomorrow.

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