Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 18 Leaving Toledo

Today 34 km to Torrijos. Walked alone as Michael is plagued by 3 ailments. Back, blisters in blisters and extreme tiredness (probably the Sun). Hopefully he can join me in the later stages after some rest.

Good thing too as there are zero towns and services for 25 km. Have to do that distance from the morning churros, 2 peaches, chocolate digestives and some almond nuts. Finally a place for some pork sandwich after the 25 km.

The terrain has changed suddenly and seems greener with sprinklers. Passed 2 fincas but seen almost no grapevines.

After food the Sun and the terrain makes the last 9 km really tough. A fort (probably Christian origin) just outside Barcience. Finally in Torrijos after 3 pm. Good thing I started at 7 am this morning.

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