Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 18 Torrijos

Finally. Torrijos. There is an albergue here (few in Camino Levante). Free. Yay! Have to go through the local police. Ahhhh! That means they will zap my passport and take ages to fill up particulars. It's the way the Spanish Police is, every task must be documented. Then he calls the guy who volunteers for the albergue, then tell me to sit outside as the person will be here soon. How long? 30 minutes. Hmmmmm.. 45 minutes later he came, walk 20 meters, open door, explain where to leave the key the next day and he is off. At least there is a stamp that I can chop my credential. At least it's free.

Four rooms, two beds each. Perfect. All to myself. Before I can doze after a lukewarm shower a knock at the door and a French couple who had also walked from Toledo today.

No time for siesta. Still have to find a supermarket to top up provisions I can carry and eat on the road. Finally found a nice restaurant for some decent food for today.. Blogging this post while waiting for 8:15 pm to eat. Why does the Spanish eat so late? 

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