Friday, September 25, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 20 San Martin de Valdeiglesias

Evening time. Laundry dry. Went out of the hostal to buy food at the supermarket for the walk tomorrow. Then the pharmacy for suntan lotion. Damn they are expensive here. Then to the fruit shop. Busy busy.

A castle. Seems like every place around here has one.

Kebab place is still closed, unusual for such establishment. I think they are permanently closed. In that case let me check with my most potent information source. In I go to an alimentacion/bazaar and lo and behold a Chinese lady sits there. Asked her but couldn't find the Chinese word for kebab in my head and so I just used the original word 'kebab'. Oh you mean Turkish hamburger she said, there is another one up there (higher on the hill). Hmmm, got to remember that. 10 minutes later and asking others for directions I finally found it. It too was closed for business permanently. St. Martin is an anti-kebab town.

I've no choice but to wait after 8 pm for a menu de noche (interesting wording) at a classy casa rural type join for 12 euros. No sign of the two French couple pilgrims. I guess they have arrived late and probably staying elsewhere in town. Just heard two people speaking French outside my room. At least one of the couple is staying here.

The stages for the next 2 days are 17.5 km and 39.5 km (probably because of albergue for tomorrow's short stage). From the guide I can probably add another 12 km to a town with hostal so the following day wouldn't be so dire. Not sure if the other pilgrims have the same idea. On the Camino anything above 30 km per day is bad, let alone 39.5 km. We'll see tomorrow.

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