Friday, September 25, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 20 To San Martin de Valdeiglesias

Toughest 21 km for me so far. That is on top of the 8.5 km to Almorox. No more plains. This stretch up 450 m and up and down another 100 m before St Martin. Tough walking for just over 20 km with nothing in between to say the least. Some of the path are for cow migration (opposite direction). Ate all my food during the lunch stop. This time round I got square bread with tuna coated with mayo (been carrying a mayo squirt bottle since the first day). Plus olives, raisins, almonds and a tomato.I don't think the bikers last night will attempt this (probably going via the roads as some of the places are very steep). Waymarking is not good either. Lucky for my offline map, gps/cellular location and Camino Levante kml track file on my phone. This has been a blessing throughout this Camino. One of the rrack had been bulldoze and it wide and hot without the trees.

Finally San Martin sighted and when I got into town straight away an ad for hostal Pilar (one of the place in the guide since there is no albergue here). Finally a night in peace and a hot shower before tomorrow's walk. 100 meters it says to the right. Yeah right, have to ask around and found it was almost 300 meters away. Time check and it was 2:30 pm when I check into hostal Pilar. Not bad for just under 30 km in the hills but the body is totally exhausted. Shower, some washing and siesta for an hour. Darn. A pilgrim's life is busy.

Saw a kebab place along the way. Would be good for a meal later since I wouldn't have to wait till 8 pm to eat.

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