Saturday, September 26, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 21 Leaving Creberos

After another cafe con leche, it is steepest climb in the Camino Levante, almost 400 meters in 2.6 km. That took a lot out of me. Getting up really high now. At the vista looking back I had my lunch under a tree enjoying the view. There is another over 150 meters more incline to go but not as steep. Today's top elevation is just over 1200 meters. And there are no trees up there.

Lunch is something I packed last night. A lemon drink, 2 three layer sandwich (ham and cheese) with a mayo spread (yes, been carrying a mayo squeeze bottle all the while), a tomato (no knife to cut it since I didn't check in my backpack on the flight here, bag of chips and some peach. No jamon or chorizo as they are too dry for me.

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