Saturday, September 26, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 21 San Bartolomé de Pinares

Arrived after 4 pm totally drained. Very small town. Found a bar and after a cold drink and coffee was deciding what to do next. Hassle to ask for albergue (there seems to be one here) to just pay and check into the only hostal in town. Decided on the latter as I just don't have the strength anymore. Good thing to since the hostal is also the only restaurant in this agricultural town.

A bit of my sole drom the shoe is coming off after the rough terrain today and I couldn't find any provision or bazaar in this town. Thank goodness the hostal have super glue. Blessing.

Only wifi is not working and the old man in the hostal doesn't know much to help. At least I got a local SIM card to post today's journal.

The hostal is so nice and says they can serve me dinner at 7 pm. Yay!

Dinner time. Tomorrow will be a climb to the highest elevation in the Camino Levante 1300 plus meters? At least the distance to Ávila is a much shorter 24 km.

View from my room at the hostal, don't mind the laundry.

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