Sunday, September 27, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 22 Albergue and evening in Ávila

Nicely renovated albergue. Has a kitchen so I can go quickly to the supermarket to buy stuff tomorrow (Sunday). Going have fried eggs, tomato and ham sandwich for breakfast and also packed for lunch. The albergue is donativo (donation) so I put some euros into the box, especially when they have really hot showers. Before dinner went back and spotted a sponsored run around the city. 2 seconds after the photo was taken it rain. Just 10 minutes. Hope to tomorrow's weather will be fine. Got really cloudy in the afternoon.

Dinner right outside the wall. Yes, kebab! Got dessert waiting for me back in the albergue.

Should be an easy mid twenties km tomorrow with more descent I hope.

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