Sunday, September 27, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 22 Ávila

A look back where I came from this morning from the city wall.

My second time here, first time as a tourist. It's crowded inside the historic city walls. Didn't recall it to be so upmarket (fancy bars, restaurant and at least 3 four stars hotel just the cathedral), but then again that was in 2002.

Town square says it is the 500 years anniversary of Santa Teresa of Ávila (not sure that is based on her birth, death or canonization). They even charge to go in the convent of Santa Teresa. That's too much, not for me. So many tourists here, maybe the celebration could be this Sunday. All hotels and hostals are fully booked (yes, I checked). No choice but to hunt down the albergue. Whatsapp Michael so he can call on my behalf as the gates were locked. Even have time to walked (with backpack) cross the river to see the Roman monument (Ávila was originally a Roman settlement).

Have always like Ávila. Just that the inner city now has become too touristy for me, just like Toledo.

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