Monday, September 28, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 23 Gotarrendura

Outside the albergue lots of cats resting in the shade. Called the number and in my horrible Spanish managed to get them to come open the door. Found out this village has no bar, no restaurant, nothing! A no bar town in Spain. I guess it is still quite close to Ávila for the town folks to have these services. I was given a name and number to call who can drive me to another town a few km away if I need it. Luckily I already prepared and carried enough food since today is Sunday.

Later Alberto from Madrid came in. He is walking Teresanos way (Ávila to Alba). It was him who told me about the short camino of Santa Teresa. There is statue of Santa Teresa dressed like a pilgrim walking inside the albergue.

Nothing much to do but rest and do some washing. This albergue even have a washing machine. Not much to wash (2 tops, 1 pants, hat, buff, towel, 2 socks and underwear). Still beats hand washing. No washing powder around. As I don't have any liquid soap (only a small bar of soap from the hostal as I left my shower gel behind a few days ago) had to resort to using the washing detergent. Tomorrow I will be walking smelly like freshly washed kitchen utensils.

Only highlight is the small church. That's also the exit out of town.

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