Monday, September 28, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 23 Leaving Ávila

OAfter a hearty breakfast including fried ham and eggs, and more food to last up to 3 meals I set off late around 8 am. Today's walk short (22.4 km in the guide or 24 km on the wall chart in the albergue). It might be the latter as some of the waymarkings on the route differs here and there from the guide, probably to avoid as much as possible from any roads.

After locking the huge main gate of the albergue and leaving Ávila via the Roman structure and skirting along the river I have to immediately backtrack. Backtracking is every walker's nightmare even if it is a few hundred meters. Apparently an old man walking his dog along the river told me the way is block or something. No wonder there were 2 directions in the markings earlier on.

Love walking in the morning. Nice cool weather, birds chirping (especially the bigger magpies that always seems to seen in twos).

The terrain now is a now much better rolling hills and late in the morning begins the gradual descent that will last for the next 2 days.

The towns past today are small and no bars in sight.

There is a new marker next to the usual yellow arrow or the old GR239 route (which is what this Camino is based on) which is the Alba sign. Later I learned it is a walking trail of Santa Teresa who was born in Ávila and died in Alba around 100 plus km I was told. It share the same route as the Camino (at least for today).

Pretty soon late in the morning the town of Gotarrendura can be seen right below. On the way there spotted a herd of goats with a shepherd on a 4-wheel drive and dogs herding the flock. That's a lazy way to do it I think.

Anyway an easy day and entered Gotarrendura around 1:15 pm. Less Sun and more rest needed from walking in the mountains the past few days.

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