Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 24 Arévalo

Arévalo is sandwiched between two rivers (Adaja and Arevalillo). It's got at least a dozen churches. An old city judging from the streets (zig zag and curves).

Apparently Queen Isabella I (yes that Christopher Columbus one) spent part of her childhood here. Many regional cities are also part of her history as she and Ferdinand of Aragon (her hubby) were trying to unite the whole of Spain.

A number of buildings here seems abandoned, these days it is mostly an agricultural center. Because of the two river the city is a little narrow and vertical. Most of the stuff like supermarket and services are to the south (most of the resudents too I supposed), the historic north is mostly bars, hostal and mobile shops. Some of the houses are old and quaint and one even reminds me Spain when I first visited 25 years ago.

At the very north surrounded by the two rivers is the Castillo (castle). That's about it.

Tomorrow's stage will end in Medina del Campo 34 km away. Ouch. At least the terrain now is flat. Food supply reloaded.

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