Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 25 Leaving Arévalo

Left just before twilight at 7:15 am. No bars open. Never mind will walk 9 km (2 hours away) in Palacio de Goda for my cuppa. The moon is much higher today. More pine foresr, vegetable patch and corn fields later, bar is not opened! It's 9:15! No choice but to move on. Next, Ataquines is on the other side of the highway so no go for a 1.5 km detour one way. Along the way, vineyards without grapes, sad bowing sunflower patch, an abandoned/desolate houses, shepherd with sheep dogs/goats, and an fenced ip vineyard with grapes (darn!).

Finally after 22.5 km in S. Vicente del Palacio right around noon. Saw a petrol station 750 meters to the right of the town with restaurante. Plan to make the detour if I have no luck with the bar here. Thank goodness I don't have to make the detour. Coffee and tortilla (nothing is as food as the one I had in El Toboso). Make that 2 cafe con leche.

Next is the last 11.8 km to Melina del Campo in the hot sun without shade. Hot damn! And as if 34 km is not bad enough I made a wrong turn (how on earth could I make such a boo boo on such a flat plain road?) and have add another 1.5 km in this 34 km day.

One more thing, the real reason why the first stop after Ávila is Rotarrendura is beacause Santa Teresa was born there (yes the no bar town). After the first day, the way of Teresa with the Alba sign spilt with the Camino as it move west to Alba de Tormes near Salamanca. This around 110 km way was just created for Santa Teresa's 500 years anniversary.

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