Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 25 Medina del Campo

Outside Medina del Campo was greeted by Hotel San Roque. So tempted to just go right in after the hot 34km plus 1.5 km wrong way backtrack. Resisting the temptation slowly walked into the city. Just outside saw a big building with the words 'Bazar Chino'. Wow. Some of these Chinese shops certainly are growing. Right at the city sign post is the Ermita (chapel) San Rogue. Nice shade on the bench behind the chapel to finish my food before going into the city around 3 pm.

Going into any town/city from 2-5 pm is like going into a ghost town (siesta time). After the siesta time from 5-8 pm all shops are reopen (except restaurant). Then everyone is out and the place is alive again.

Convent albergue or hostal?. No brainer. My legs are like jelly and I need the comfort.

I really like Medina del Campo. Nice old streets, easy layout and an iconic castle La Mota on the east end. Interesting that if not driving up, one has to walk through small low roof residential Spanish houses to get up there. I have no idea how I have the energy to walk up later in the evening. Many artisanal stuff too like cheese and alabaster. Anyway after the usual fruits and stuff at the supermarket, dinner and updating this journal it's off to bed. Tomorrow will be an easy 25.5 km. Will do my laundry then. That's all one needs to do on the Camino. Eat, sleep, walk and wash.

My lower right shin is giving me some problems the last 2 days. Everytime I start walking a sharp pain, but seems to mostly go away after walking a few hundred meters. Hope it is just one of those Camino type ache. Just 3 more days left. 

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