Monday, September 28, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 24 To Arévalo

Immediately after Tiñosillos, I was pleasantly surprised to be walking among the pine forest for at least 8 km.

Apparently the trees are cultivated for their sap. Sample it and it smells like medicated oil. Quite nice walking through as it reduces the direct sun for me by at least half. After about 8 km and another 6 km to go the trail ends and changes to one besides the road. No more shade but still can use one of the tree to rest and have some lunch (last small can of tuna and bread with a tomato). Need to replenish my food supply later in Arévalo. At just before 2 pm right outside Arévalo. 27km today.

No albergue here. Will check for a hostal, some rest and later after siesta when the supermarket is open buy some provisions for tomorrow, check out the town and find a place for dinner.

Everyday is a new place....

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