Thursday, October 1, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 26 To Nava del Rey

First stop Nava del Rey around mid point for today's relatively short (subjective) 25.5 km. Started late just after 8 am after my own breakfast and coffee at the bar (yes!).

A last look at Medina del Campo and basically follow the trail next to the train track for a while. Some parts are close to bushes and after a while the lower part of the pants got slightly wet. Those who had walked the Camino would know.

More horses, vineyard (no grapes again) and sad sunflowers and Nava del Rey was in sight. Another coffee break around 11 am enjoying the church. A very interesting design. The tower is the same style as the churches in Galacia.

Wind was really cold and I did not have to take out my light parka until almost 2 pm.

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