Friday, October 2, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 27 To Toro

No more towns until Toro. Path is laden with corn fields after corn fields irrigated by the waterways from the Duero river that will stretch all the way to Zamora.

A bit boring as the river is just far enough not to be seen and the pebble path is not particularly nice to walk on.

Found a slight detour midway to Toro to a nice spot on the river Duero. Had lunch there right under the tree in front of the river lock. Tuna with mayo on toasted bread, chips and a can of ice tea (not shown). Heard splashes in the water. Fishes! Wish I had my fishing rod. Then again how to carry it if I do catch something? Beautiful wildlife sanctuary with eagles, birds and ducks further away. Even an observation post for the nature lover.

6 more km later spotted Toro up on the hill. A fly fisherman below while crossing the river to go up to the city. The path is supposed to be a long wide right turn to go up the city. Seeing an option on the map to go up direct decided to do the shorter route up. Bad idea. The cobblestone path is really steep and I was panting when I finally got up to the church.

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Nisha said...

If I do this camino, I have to change my bar hopping habits and learn how to carry more weight through food! Not usually the sort who buys food in advance!