Friday, October 2, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 27 Toro

Lovely town. It's even got a Roman millario (milestone). Stop for a Cafe Cortardo (Macchiato) and decide where to stay. Dominican church? Pass. A couple of hostal but looks quite far after checking with Google. Hmmm. A pension right across from my coffee place. Perfect! That's a great location. Pension are the first rind when it comes to lodging here in Spain. Usually family run, simple rooms and mostly shared toilets. Hostals are more like motels. No problem for me considering the location. Even got a room with the balcony. The pension also has a bar below. Tomorrow coffee at 7 am? No problem they say. Cool. It's another under 34 km to Zamora so this is good news if I am to start early.

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Nisha said...

always thrilled to stay at these sorts of pensions! with a balcony some more!