Saturday, October 3, 2015

Camino Levante - Day 28 Leaving Toro

It's nice to be able to have coffee right downstairs of the pension with a bar. Having a glass of the local dark Toro wine the night before was also great. Guess the mother of the establishment was already there at the bar when I came down. She even ask which size coffee and of course the grande! Feels a bit bad as I know they open early because of me. Then again they know about pilgrims as the day before when I asked for a room he shouted upstairs to his mom and said 'Mom, a pilgrim!' instead of saying a guest.
Slow start down the city at 7:30. Passed the Dominican church where I could stayed. Looks very imposing, gated with a big lawn. Glad about my choice of lodging. More corn fields along the Duero river.
A felled sign that says Zamora is still 35 km. Can't be right since it is already 3 km out of 34 km to Zamora. Maybe a pilgrim has done this in anger? Pure speculation of course.
Wasn't very long before the trail ends and it's onto the road for the last 20 km! Crap! Not a nice way with the cars quite close. Then just before the first stop 18 km at Villalazán witness a traffic stopping goats on the road on the way to pasture. Guy as usual ask me where I started walking. One of the dogs has a bandana. I guess even for sheep dog (goat dog in this case) there is pecking order.
Some beef at the pit stop. There is albergue here but pretty much nothing else other than this bar and restaurant.
Another 8.5 km to the last stop at Villaralbo passing an archaeological dig. Had a rest and food in front of the ayuntamiento in Villaralbo before making the final push to Zamora.
After this it is just 6 km to Zamora. The city is big and long looking from the east. The old city is from the south so it is back to a nice trail towards the south of Zamora.
Finally back to the Duero river and before the old city entrance an old man in a beret fishing besides the river.

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