Saturday, October 3, 2015

Camino Levante - Zamora - Final Post

Cloudy and cold morning perfect for a walk around the old city revisiting all the old pre-romanesque churches, including the statue of Virialtus, the great heroic leader of Lusitania (current day Portugal and western Spain) who causes hell for the Romans.

The hospitalero was kind enough to let me stay for more than a night. The albergue is donativo. After a visit to the train station, discovered that the trains does not go south to Andalucia but only via Madrid (will be too long and expensive). The buses however does go to Sevilla. Booked the red eye 0:30 bus down to Servilla first arriving in the early morning. No need to stay another night here at the albergue. Maybe just another shower and dinner. Already offers for a cooked dinner at the albergue from pilgrims arriving today. Probably will be going out to buy more Toro wine to contribute to tonight's dinner.

This would be the last entry in blog until the next Camino. Signing off. Back to Facebook for the remaining of the trip.

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