Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Camino Mozarabe - Day 2 - Alcaracejos

Why is the terrain so tough? Thought it would be flat like the extremadura that I will be headed. More hills and trails today.

Can only do a 21+38 stages. The first stage already got wet and have to pack my wet shoes into the backpack and continue with the crocs. Good thing shoes are not exactly mandatory for cycling. The first stage ends in Villaharta up in the hills. 11 km before that had my second coffee, the bike park outside bar. Four cats on the wall but when I took the shot only one cat left. Took a break for my third coffee and leftover burrito from last night's dinner in Villaharta. Then it is up again and shot of Villaharta looking back.

The next stage of 38 km is pretty bad. Nothing but trails up and down hills until Alcaracejos. How a walker can manage that I really don't understand. Some I believe have to camp out and hope the weather is not too cold. Not only that, there are many river crossings. The shot I took is knee deep. The bicycle also had several baths. Luckily the flow of water is not fast else it will be going downstream. Have to push the bike uphill almost all the time. Downhill is great except a few times where it was too steep and rocky so actually have to pull the bike down.

Many stops during the 6 hours after Villaharta. Camino signpost is a great way to stand the bicycle. If not lay it on the ground.

Finally just before 4:30 pm Alcaracejos is in sight. Another coffee and water (almost ran out again today). Have to rest half an hour. Then it is time to ask for the hostal. No albergue here. Not an issue. Need my own space and time to recover

Great. Hostal Las Tres Jotas is also owned by the Bar/Tic Tac right across the street. Everything in one place. Let's hope tomorrow's terrain will be better so I can do 3 stages instead.

Seems like there is Pellegrino here too. Zipped off pants, sandals, a tablet and a paper notebook presumably writing his journal drinking a beer. Saw me but did not acknowledge. Curious as to how he got here? I didn't see anyone on the trail today. He'd probably slept outside last night. There are no towns in the 38 km except maybe farmhouses. 

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