Thursday, May 5, 2016

Camino Vasco - Day 0 - Irun

Early morning bus from Madrid to Irun. Not without churros for breakfast at the bus station. Love these savory ones as opposed to the sweet one as it taste more like our 油条.

The bus took much longer this time to get to Irun than 4 years ago where I walked the Camino del Norte (which also starts in Irun) as there are more stops along the way. Got there just in time for lunch around 2:30 pm. Typical menu del dia although the dessert was really nice, homemade yogurt with honey.

Finally outside the albergue after lunch. Nothing has really change since I was last here except that they have now included a basement and has double their capacity to 50 beds. Looks like the number of people walking the Camino del Norte has increased (doubled) these past few years. Glad I already done it and now walking the Vasco (tunnel route) instead.

After checking into the albergue we took a nice walk to Hendaye (France) via the St. James bridge. One side in Spanish and the other in French. In Hendaye, Michael couldn't resist the temptation to go inside the French pastry shop and ended up buying Basque custard cakes from the nice lady inside. Back to Spain and a stroll along a typical Basque river mouth that separates France and Spain with small boats and people canoeing.

On the way back I was surprised this time to find a metro here in Irun. The line starts in France (Hendaye) and ends a bit after Donastia (San Sebastian). That is a long 30km line? A good way for those walking the Camino del Norte for the first day would be to take the line to Donastia (kidding).

A light sandwich for supper after the heavy lunch and it is back to the albergue before the curfew at 10 pm.

Only 3 people out of the 36(?) in the albergue will be walking the Vasco tomorrow. So it should be a nice and quiet walk south west for us.

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