Friday, May 6, 2016

Camino Vasco - Day 2 - Tolosa

Michael was better in the morning after a good night sleep. No hills today, which also helped. The walk was very pedestrian mostly along the river. The weather looks menacing but no Sun. It is supposed to rain the next few days but so far the rain has been kept at bay. Let's hope it remains that way tomorrow. However, there are quite a number of industrial area walk by so it wasn't really nice in many sections. The mostly flat walking today is good for Michael to recover. The real test for him will be the next 2 days. Tomorrow's challenge will be the distance (36 km and hopefully also mostly pedestrian) and the day the elevation (almost straight up 900 meters to the tunnel). This is the tunnel route so it is the main focus of this way.

Tolosa is a big enough place along the river. Didn't realized that Tolosa is French for Toulouse.

The albergue we found out after calling them is actually a km or so before Tolosa. So either we find a hostal in the city or backtrack to the albergue. I didn't want to pay more again today for a pension/hostal so we did the backtrack. Since today's distance is around 22-23 km with easy terrain so it is not a problem backtracking. Besides, I really like the Basque name of this this albergue albergue, Zuloaga Txiki. It sounds so exotic. Price is 7.50 (yesterday's pension was 20 euros each with a private bathroom. No one else seems to be here in this albergue. The other person we know walking this route on Day 0 in Irun is a Spanish guy and we have not seen him in the past 2 days.

Tonight we will open the bottle of cider. Can't wait to taste it especially after I had the burden of carrying it for the whole day.

A bit of siesta and and when looking for food discovered a nearby bar/farm produce shop that serve food. We were told we can have our meal immediately. At 6:15pm. This is unheard of in Spain where dinner is never served before 8pm! We count our blessings as we left the place at 7pm. As usual the food in the Basque country is excellent, even for a simple meal.

Will probably leave an hour earlier around 6:30am considering the longer stage for tomorrow.

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