Thursday, May 12, 2016

Camino Vasco - Day 7 - Haro

Cold morning and cold wind but hot sun. This combination wears out the walker easily. A long 32 km walk today. One of the toughest day on this Camino. After breakfast the first two small town has no bar open. At Berantevilla, the road fork right for Burgos while we took the straight path for Santo Domingo in 2 day's time. A quick stop at Zambrana for our second coffee of the day. The bar attendant insist on stamping our credentials even though we are not stopping there. Don't even know if there is an albergue there.

Finally at Salinillas de Buradón and the last Basque town for our third coffee of the day and a quick bite with food we carried. A dog came to our table with a ball in its mouth. He wanted to play catch and even after throwing and retrieving over 20 times it is not tired and still wants to play. Luckily the owner came and claimed it. Filling up our bottles with fresh spring water and we were ready to make our last and steepest climb.

Climbing is bad but downhill is worse on those rocks. The sign says it is a 10 degrees decline. Upon descending away leaving Basque into La Rioja we can already see the fields littered with vineyards. 

A scenic walk long the Elbro river and we finally got into the town of Haro, the Spanish wine capital city. Walking towards the city we see wine bodega everywhere. 

It is already 4:30 pm and we are dead tired. Calling and finding the albergue took another 30 minutes and only after 5 pm did we have the opportunity to finally take our shoes off. The albergue is actually a hous, nice and comfy. 5 euros.

Dinner became an issue as there are no reasonable prices restaurant around, only expensive ones (at least 40-50 euros for the meal). Just some burger with wine instead at the sandwich cafe instead. The wine are a great buy here. The prices are all quoted based on six bottles. Shame they would be too heavy to carry. We are talking about La Rioja wine here.

Enoigh. I am half falling asleep just writing this...

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