Friday, March 31, 2017

Camino del Madrid - Next week

Time for another Camino (see red arrow). Expect Camino del Madrid to be extremely quiet until Sahagun before one sees the hordes of pilgrims walking the Camino Frances (where I will be stopping). This is another Camino where I won't be arriving in Santiago de Compostela (like walking a branch of the route).

Probably my last Camino for a while (famous last words...). Running out of Caminos in Spain to walk, or at least until walking infrastructure improves from Lisbon (Camino Portuguese) or those Caminos in the Catalan area.

Sadly, my fellow walking companion Michael couldn't make it this time due to a last minute health issue so this is going to be a solo walk.

It shouldn't take more than 13 days to walk the Camino del Madrid. So unless Michael can at least make it to his second home in the South of Spain (still uncertain at this moment) when I can relax and cycle around the south with one of his bikes, I would need a Plan B for the last 2 weeks out of my 4 weeks in Spain. So far I haven't really been looking at other alternatives in details. A potential may be walking the Camino Mozarabe from Granada to Cordoba (I had already bike the second half of Camino Mozarabe from Cordoba to Merida last year). We shall see if I need to activate Plan B.

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