Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Camino del Madrid - Day 0 - Credencial

Went back to the parish church of St. James and John the Baptist at 6pm and at church's back office got my credencial! It's official now and no need for me to reuse my old credencial from last year. One guy before me and two ladies here after me. Not sure when they will be walking but it's looking not as empty as the Camino Levante. Or just maybe they are doing the other Camino Ucles. I will find out the next few days just how quiet this Camino will be.

Interesting church. The usual St James as a pilgrim statue but also a painting of Santiago Matamooros (St James slaying of the Moors).

Body can't eat much now even though the mind wants to. Probably a lighter platos and just try to stay up until 10 pm before sleeping to reset the body clock.

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