Saturday, April 8, 2017

Camino del Madrid - Day 4 - Santa María La Real de Nieva

Woke up and had tea and stuff bought the day earlier. Prepared tuna and egg sandwich the night before for lunch thanks to the kitchen there. One more good look at the aqueduct after coming out of the hostal at 7:30 am. 4 degrees and cold but felt okay after walking a while. Passed the  Alcazar castle (one of the two that inspired the Disney castle, the other being in Neuschwangstein, Germany). A couple of photos leaving Segovia with the mountain backdrop and on to Zamarramala just 2-3 km away. Don't know why but many in the forum says it is a must stay place. Nothing much there at all, not even a bar (but it could be behind somewhere and I didn't bother to look). Later I found from the Italian pilgrim that the albergue  in Zamarramala is run by the Friends of the Camino and of course an excellent hospitelero there. Having to bus back to Segovia to enjoy the city from there is not for me, not even with all the raves.

Walked with Moira to Los Huertos and had my first cup of coffee and another round of food. Moira was excited they had black pudding just like back home in Ireland.

The terrain now is relatively flat all the way to Sahagun. If one had to choose only one photo to symbolize the Camino this would be it. There is a memorial for Peter Callow under the arrow. This is the first pilgrim memorial I've seen other than in Camino Frances. Not sure if he passed away on that spot. The pine forest is a welcome shade. They are tapping the sap which reminds me of Arévalo on the Camino Levante. Then I realized then that Arévalo on the Camino Levante is less than 30 km west from here. Imagine that.

20 km later in Añe there is an albergue. No bar, no food. Remember the not very approachable Spaniard from Cercedila? Turns out he is French from Toulouse. He is staying there for multiple reasons, one of them being he fast on Friday and that's today,  so food is not an issue with him.

We caught up with the Sicilian and the three of us basically do something like a cycling peloton all the way to Sta.Maria la Real de Nieva (boy it's a long name). Time of arrival 4 pm, a total of 31-32 km. The Sicilian made a phone call to the hospitelero to get the key to the albergue. Six beds (3 bunk beds) so each of us had the bottom beds. So finally on day four I have the chance to use my sleeping bag. At almost 6.30 pm Ivan finally turn up. He said he got lost and had to walk an extra seven km! He was half dead. He chose the bed above me. It sag so much I hope it does not come crashing down or my Camino will be over sooner than I plan. Still he manages to go out looking for food very quickly after his shower. Only one restaurant here but was closed when we got there at 7:45 pm so we just have some tapas at the bar instead. I still have some boiled eggs from yesterday, chips and yogurt from the small supermarket here. It will have to do. In any case tomorrow's mileage will be in the twenties so I should have more time to do the washing, resting and of course better food.

Just remembered I didn't have a picture of Ivan so I quickly snap one just before his shower. The albergue here is donativo 5 euros. Interesting combination!?! A good way to empty my coins that has been accumulating the last few days.

The Sicilian just came back and said he had his dinner at the restaurant. He said it opened only after 8:15 pm. Oh well...

More to come.....

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bilibala said...

Keep the hard work. Another good one is Aqueduct Pont du Gard, Nimes in France but yours is as grand. Interesting that it falls in a city not over river or any waterway.