Monday, April 10, 2017

Camino del Madrid - Day 6 - Alcazarén

On the way out of Coca a beautiful castle and also an Italian looking tower. Have to look up the history for this place and also for Sta.Maria la Real de Nieva earlier where a Lancaster (War of the Roses?) bride was married off to a local lord.

Today's walking is still mostly on the sandy path of the pine forest. Three of the bikers passed us before Villeguillo and together with the four of us we made the the man behind the bar there very busy. Ate our packed lunch 2/3 of the way in the shade of the pine trees after being passed by a caballero on a horse. Wrong time to be arriving at Alcazarén just past 2 pm on Palm Sunday. The two bars there were packed with people eating and drinking. Ivan's feet gave in right before the town and with no seats on the first bar we proceed to look for what was an equally packed second bar. It was less crowded Bar Real and with a table available. This is the bar on the guide where we can get the keys to the albergue after a well deserved drink and our credential stamped. It's donativo with the lady pulling out a donation box. Sandro who was ahead was already there in the albergue. Modern looking albergue, 8 beds. Later the Frenchman Stephane (the one I thought was Spanish in Cercedilla) came in. After his Friday fasting and staying after only 20 km from Segovia to Añe he had caught up. He is the real ultra pro pilgrim and had done some real difficult Caminos in Catalan. He said he will go further than us tomorrow. Then a couple from Madrid came in (they had walked to Coca last year and had started from there this year, which explains why we did not see them before today. That's 7 out of the 8 beds. Then even later a huge Spaniard came in and the albergue was full. About 25 km today and around 26 km tomorrow to Puente Duero.

This is only town before Puente Duero tomorrow 17 km from here. Being so far and my food almost exhausted, I am going to ask tonight at dinner if I can bag a sandwich for tomorrow else I will be walking on fumes for 17 km tomorrow as the bars here only open at 9 am. In the end I just took some pork and bread from my dinner as the portion was too big for me.

Everyone except the Spaniard who was the last to arrive all got together at Bar Real for dinner. The first group picture for this Camino.


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