Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Camino del Madrid - Day 8 - Peñaflor de Hornija (1)

Maura and Ivan stayed for breakfast at the albergue. Two euro with coffee/toast but no milk. Sandro had some doggie bag coffee and some sweet confectionary from the restaurant last night and left early. I left the albergue after him shortly after eating some provision I bought and preparing tuna/egg/mayo sandwich for later. I thought the bars in Puente Duero may be open in the morning but no luck. Still, 7 km to Simancas is not too far.
The walk was initially along the Duero river where a clan of rabbits can be seen crossing the path all over. Then the last bit of pine trees path for the day (don't think we'll see them anymore) before Simancas. A small patch of poppies signalling the spring's arrival.

Simancas is beautiful up the hill after crossing an old bridge and the start of the pilgrim caricature all the way to Wamba. It is much like the ones in Monte de Perdón on the Camino Frances after Pamplona. They use this as the arrows in many of the locations. Too bad no albergue here. Caught up with Sandro in Simancas. He looks engrossed using the free WiFi outside the
town hall door. He had some work issues back home since yesterday. He carried the small tablet for work out of necessity although he really
doesn't want to be doing that. He had missed an arrow the day before and again later today. Guess his mind is in Sicily, not here. I had my first coffee here and left him to his work.

On the way to Ciguñuela a shelter with a stone table and fireplace inside. Not sure if camping there is permitted. I had a smoke break there. Right after that a short climb to Ciguñuela. Had my sandwich in the town square. I didn't really need another coffee and the bar is just off the path further up the town. I was about to leave when Maura arrived looking for a bar. I decided to join her to the bar up the slope and had the second cuppa with
some fried pork fat (from the cheeks) at the terraza because it smells so good. I had already rested too much in Ciguñuela but with just a 27 km day, why not? Sandro to came into the bar later looking very perturbed. Apparently he had forgotten to pay at the last bar in Simancas due to his issues back home. I think he managed to asked the person at the bar in Ciguñuela if the payment can be arranged from there. Walking back is really not an option.

Fully fueled, I started leaving them and was walking at a speedier pace. Caught up with Ivan who had suddenly stopped besides the path with his mat laid out. His new shoes probably need some more breaking in but it seems to be the soles of his feet that is the problem for him this time. I joked
that when I said that he will soon be one with the road it was not what I meant. He said he just need some time and he should be okay.


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