Thursday, April 13, 2017

Camino del Madrid - Day 9 - Medina de Rioseca

And then there were four. This morning ate whatever that was left and head out 10 km to Castromonte. Windmills around Peñaflor de Hornija, another common landscape on the Camino, here with the moon rising (or setting). A look back to see the town and a look forward and it's Sandro. Walking slow this morning but smelling great as there was a washing machine (with detergent) in the albergue and we put all our clothes together for one wash.

Yesterday there was no cell signal at the albergue and also very weak wifi from the town, hence the posts yesterday were failing and somehow even when it was successful the spacing was a little out of whack.

Arriving in Castromonte and one of the first thing I saw was the pilgrim welcome mural and the big albergue where the big guy Miguel stayed last night. The only bar in Castromonte near the church does not serve food but sells bread and other sweet stuff. Maura bought the bread while I got a bag of mini magdalenas. That will have to do until Valverde de Campos which was even worse with no bar, just a provision shop that made Sandro and me a ham sandwich, manually sliced from the machine.

After 24 km (shorter today) we stayed at the convent here in Medina de Rioseca. Normally I would prefer the municipal albergue but there was no choice today. 7 euros but has a kitchen and surprise a washing machine too. Too lazy to do any washing today except the socks with Ivan's load. Had a rest, then to the city (not small town) to have a bite and also to stock up on food....

There are hooded statues (like in Zamora) for Semana Santa which is this week. Made a detour to the church of Santiago (like in Madrid) to see Jimmy (St James) as I won't see him in Santiago de Compostela this year and promise maybe next time on the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon. Maura told me she walked that route and it was excellent.

Ivan as usual came in later. Today he got some new insoles from the pharmacy. Hope he will be able to resolve his feet problems tomorrow. Mr. Son is still a day behind. I think he is now used to the Camino although still carrying a bit too much weight as with most first time pilgrims.

Tomorrow will be a turning point. Sandro is on a schedule and wants to walk a bit further leaving a short last day to Sahagun but a detour the day before the last. Not sure about the rest. I have time but had not really work out my logistics for the journey back to Madrid and then down to Granada for the Camino Mozarabe. The other two probably may go along while I am still undecided.

Till tomorrow....

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