Friday, April 21, 2017

Camino Mazarabe - Day 4 - Alcaudete

There were illumination on the castle in Alcalá la Real last night. Wanted to go down to have a better look but the wind was strong (cold). Can't even last seconds on the balcony from the cold wind. 

In the morning the cold wind still strong, subsided a little when I walked down the city and took a back shot of the fortress. Bar outside the hostal was opened when I left at 7:30 am so a happy camper with coffee in my stomach. 

All the way from Alcaláb la Real to Alcaudete there were flyers for the Acogida de peregrinos (like a private albergue) also with English saying 'shelter for pilgrims'. The flyers even helped me today in some areas where there were no arrows. For that I knew I had to stay there.

The way is again endless olives. Much better walking the rolling hills (or maybe I am getting used to this).

Midway a place called Ventas del Carrizal. It's a bunch of houses on 4-5 streets with a non-functioning clock in its center. Some guide says no bar, while others reported a bar. I didn't see any so I just walked on after a quick break for a bite just outside the town(let)? 

Then another break under an olive tree with my personal flower garden before making a final descent to Alcaudette. Total today 23.7 km.

Right before the Acogida a guy walking towards me asked if I am a pilgrim. Said yes, and he pointed to the house and told me to knock at the door with a scooter and red car parked outside. He certainly looked like a walker. Turned out he is Henry from the log in Pinos Puente. He got lost in the trail after the second day and had walked quite a bit on asphalt hurting his feet. In Alcaudete for the past 4 days to have his feet look after by the doctor. He had gotten better and would be walking again tomorrow. I knocked at the door and the owner Peter opened and let me in.

He led me to the sleeping area (5 beds) and was clearing a mattress (probably overflow area) and told me yesterday was full, including four Australians. What? Did I just missed everyone by just a day? Place is donativo.

In the evening the Peter cooked a kind of stew with rice and we had a nice time eating and chatting outside in the garden. It even had a view of the the castle tower.

This place is very new as Peter had only moved in a year ago and converted it as a refugio. Nice to have such company instead of hostals for a change.

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