Sunday, April 16, 2017

Camino Mozarabe - Day 0 - Granada

Breakfast at a nearby pastelería. Selected two local food typical for Semana Santa, I was told. The roll was flaky and had some herbs and the square piece fried milk pudding sprinkled with cinnamon. Saw 2 pilgrims walking out of a hostal at 9:10 am. Can always tell from the dressing, backpacks and boots. Will probably miss them by a day.

Alhambra without an entrance ticket. I can see Albayzin on the other side where I was yesterday. Walked all the way to the back of the hill where there is a ticket booth and hear them say something about tomorrow. I understand there is some control to the maximum number of people per day. Took a camino looking walking path (typical pilgrim) and got a great panoramic view from the snow cap mountains (Nevada=Nieves=Snow?), the new city and outside and on to the Alhambra and centro.

Back down the city in the afternoon more procession (today is the last day) to celebrate the kids. Small clay bells was given to kids as the procession passes. I wanted one too but guess I am too old to be doing it. Kids with hoods in this procession and young girls dress with matilla (a mom sneaks a biscuit for her hungry girl).

Still having a sweet tooth, some Piononos de Santa Fe (syrup roll with cinnamon again) typical of this region.

With all the shops closed today except food places, will be looking out for food to bring on my Camino tomorrow. Spotted a shop earlier selling empanadas (pies). Now I just need to find one that sells yogurt and I should be set for tomorrow.

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