Sunday, April 16, 2017

Camino Mozarabe - Granada to Cordoba

Here's all the Caminos that I had walked in Spain so far.

If all goes well I will start my Camino Mozarabe from Granada to Cordoba the day after on Monday (165 km). Although around half the distance of Camino Madrid (321 km), it will take about 7 days (8 days if I can find a way to divide the last day's 39 km into two) to walk this stretch. The way here is more rugged and with hills. At least the daily distance are shorter with the exception of the last day.

The total distance for the Camino Mozarabe is around 406 km from Granada to Mérida. There are also other variants, addition (Almería to Granada), offshoot (Jaén) and alternative (Malaga to Cordoba). The standard one will do fine for me.

Last year I did the stretch from Cordoba to Mérida on the bicycle. I rode around 100 km near Antequera to Cordoba to do 241 km to Mérida so I already got a pretty idea what to expect here. 

This stretch should have more forts (almost none after Cordoba) as the mascot symbol for Mozarabe shows. Plus it will be even more quiet as there are few albergues (a turn off for some pilgrims wanting to save money) on this Camino.

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