Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Arrival

Finally here... and it's raining..
Took the subway to the hostel around Baixa-Chiado. On the way before changing trains found a phone shop and got a local internet sim. There seems to be a lot of 3rd party sim cards with internet add-ons. The one I got is a 15 days (almost all the prepaid plans comes in 15 days chunk), 1 GB data with add-ons like unlimited social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. This is 5+5 add-on = 10 euros.
Place I am staying is very close to Santa Justa Tower (elevator not working today and tomorrow) so have to climb the streets at the back for the bridge at the top. Still have to pay a nominal charge to see the hill and castle in the backdrop.
Got my Camino credencial nearby at the Basílica dos Mártires, so all set for the walk.
No words to describe this place. Part San Francisco (even the bridge is red), it has got Jesus statue at the other end like Brazil, the old buildings and not forgetting the uniquely mosaic street pavement.
Now what's a trip here without the famous pastel de nata. They are everywhere and even Air Portugal serve them on the flight. So good, so sinful and so glad I will be walking soon (to burn it off). I am sure going to pasteis my way across this country. I haven't even tried the famous one at Belem yet.
Maybe I will take the night tram later before calling it a day... or maybe not as the rain is getting stronger.... enough for the day...

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