Thursday, April 12, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 0

Quite a lot for one day. Two of the seven hills in Lisbon. Lunch at the Mercado de Rebeira, even bought a couple of canned mackerel and cod (will come in handy for the walk tomorrow onwards). After lunch Belém and all the usual touristy stuff (half the city's attractions are there), including the famous Belém Pastel de Nata (ate all, no survivor came back to the hostel). The presidential pink house (like US white house) which I find it amusing. Never really have the time to take the tram, so I thought I might the newer tram 15 back to my hostel. Ask a guy at the bus stop if the tram stops there. So nice of him to say the bus is faster and I followed him on the bus he took. The people are so nice here.
Weather is my concern now. The rain is off and on, no guarantee if it's going to get better soon. Everyone here says it is very unusual. Apparently there is a new albergue 22 km for the first day so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad even in bad weather.

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