Sunday, April 22, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 10 - Agueda

The rain's back! It started in the late morning until late afternoon. Distance about the same as yesterday, another 26 km.
The old Korean couple got up really early at 6 am day and despite making as little sound as possible, I decided I may as well get up, get  prepared (forgot my laundry still outside) and said goodbye to them 
After a tearful goodbye to Julie and leaving the albergue, it was a nice walk in the woods. Had the first coffee 2 plus km later (the albergue's cafe wasn't open till 8 am).
Except for the first 2 km of walking in the woods, the rest of the day's walk is on tarmac. Sunday flea market outside the football club. Was going to complain about hard surface walking when it rained at around 11 am. Still wet but at least no mud in the hard surface.
Got an email from Ryan. He's in Porto. Must have taken a bus/train there from Coimbra. Probably decided to skip this part and continue his walk from Porto.
Nice city center of Agueda by the river. The albergue is situated uphill right outside the city when I arrived at 2:15 pm, followed shortly by the other three and Jim. Little by little it was almost full. Two other French ladies (one has a bad cough, poor thing), and a girl from Japan walking Camino Frances then down towards Lisbon (even more aggressive than the old Korean couple).
The last were the three Frenchmen from the early days of walking, separated at Santarém as they headed towards Fatima and now back on the same track towards Santiago... like a reunion.
No dinner at the albergue (12 euros, breakfast 5 euros) but it has a kitchen and the ability to order for food delivery. The supermarket is a 5 hundred meters before the albergue and downhill. I ordered a delivery meal for 8.50 euros instead. Next thing I know the three of them came back from the supermarket with stuff to cook, including for me. Too late! Bad coordination, sigh.
Never thought that they will go downhill and up again.
Jim outside the reception waiting for our food delivery.
Lucia making spaghetti carbonara later.
Could only take two mouthful, was too much after having my food delivery. An excellent spaghetti given the fact they could not find the right cheese and bacon.
No laundry today, just hope the shoes, socks and the pant's bottom cutoff are dry in time for tomorrow.
A cute blue eye cat joined me outside enjoying the Sun after the rain stopped (right around the time we arrived at the albergue). That's life...

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