Monday, April 23, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 11 - Branca

23 km. It was only 17 km to Albergaria de Velha so added another 6 km to Branca's albergue.
Menacing sky but in the end no rain.
More trails, less tarmac, which is good. Idyllic countryside with some great vista and people fishing. The broken bridge from a flood a few years back was supposed to be our route but now replace by the bridge along the main road as seen from the map with the overlay.
Still can't get over the small scale farming here. This has got to be the smallest vineyard I have seen, just one 20 meters row of vines..
Like in Galicia, eucalyptus trees,
(Import from Australia). These can be dangerous in hot dry weather.
A short day's walk (we were in the albergue by 2 pm). The albergue is essentially a house besides the main road. Bar/cafe and supermaket are quite far away. They do stock up basic stuff like beers, chips, drinks with a price list and a money box for us to pay (self service with trust) outside in the patio. The hospitalero brought a few of us in her car at 5 pm to the supermarket. Lucia has volunteered to cook pasta again for dinner. Today's menu is pasta with shrimps and broccoli. I volunteered my two cans of mackerel and cod fish for hors d' oeuvres, and strawberries with lemon and sugar for dessert. Too many cooks to help, but the main cook is Mama Lucia. A potential short day tomorrow so big expectation as we will switch to the other Italian Carolina for the cook, that is if there is a kitchen in the albergue tomorrow. Can't write anymore, must be the wine.....

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