Thursday, April 26, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 14 - Vilarinho

27 km plus extra (will explain later). This morning the sandwich shop downstairs was not opened at 7:10 am. The lady was not truthful...😣
Further down the road there was a bread shop that served coffee with lots of locals eating and taking out the bread (good sign). Tourists normally take their breakfast where they stay so at this hour it's only the locals outside. In Porto, it could mean either 60 cents or 1.80 euro for a coffee depending on which cafe you choose, thanks to the tourist. Besides the normal bread with coffee I needed something more (last night was just a sandwich due to the late lunch with Carolina). They have a Pāo de deus special (Bread of God?), 4 for 1.90 euros. Ate one and the rest were gone before noon. Darn they are good. A simple bread topped with coconut and sprinkle with fine sugar.
I felt guilty for not walking yesterday so decided to walked out of Porto. Bad move. Left heel still not recovered. On top of that I didn't see anyone walking at all in this morning! 😵
So either...
1. They were all on the coastal route.
2. They took the metro/train to the outskirts of the city saving 12 km (which I should have done).
Turns out it was the latter. In any case the first pilgrim I saw was a Dutch couple Wilhelm and Ona? (Or Anna).
Only before noon did I see some semblance of the countryside. The road is hard and cobblestone in many places.
Really need to rest the heel and was and so happy to be in Vilarinho around 3 pm at a slower than normal pace. Lodgings here are basically homes. Casa Laura another 150 meters down from the town or Casa Vidal 250 meters before.
Casa Laura was full! The guy called Casa Vidal for me and thankfully they have vacancy. Have to backtrack 400 meters. 😬
Food and drinks are back in town although Casa Laura has a cafe next door, so it's more walking later for dinner. Mr. Vidal has a nice pool (too tired to jump in), he gave me a room with 2 big beds (a bit excessive). Wanted 15 euros for it instead of the usual 10-12 euros. It's not for me to argue, just want to stop and rest after walking all the way with a bad heel (no subway).
It's a washing day, which should be dry pretty fast in this sunny weather despite the colder wind. Meanwhile there is a French guy in the next room, Oliver from Brittany and two French ladies I heard on the first floor.
Had a drink at the cafe in town with Olivier. Waiting for 7 pm to eat at the restaurant nearby.
I missed my other family already... 😭
They should be in Porto today...

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