Monday, April 30, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 18 - Tui

18-19 km yesterday, also about the same today. Difference is no steep climb today but came with rain the whole day. The forecast is for rain again tomorrow... đŸ˜¥
Yesterday at the Ninho nest, I had never seen a bigger congregation of Danish walkers in all my caminos, including a son who works in a oil tanker ship walking with his mother. So sweet. He said he had spent more time the last few days with his mother than in the last 10 years.
The rain yesterday lasted the whole night. Stopped in the morning for a while then back on again for the whole day.
The trail is from an old Roman road, many cobble stones along the way (though I think they are recently paved).
Helen (from Australia) walking with a unique poncho that looks like a tablecloth.
The city of Valença is a fortress (old town). Very touristy.
The river minho is the border, the city of Tui on the Spanish side across the river and slightly to the right..
I told myself I need my last meal (lunch) in Portugal, and at the last cafe in Valença before the bridge was able to get a special order instead of the standard hamburger. Steak, chips, salad.
Mid-point on the bridge marks the two towns (also the two countries).
Spain is one hour ahead and the moment I crossed over I lost one hour. 2:30 pm instead of 1:30 pm.
Spain's decision to follow the European time may explain why their lunch is so late at 2 pm and dinner 8-9 pm.
Walk along the river (alternate route) before climbing up towards Tui. It feels like a ghost town compared Valença on Sunday (siesta?). The first private albergue is full (don't know who's inside but the next one 200 meters down (San Clemente) is quite vacant. Sophie (from Canada) and me are the ones for the last few hours, although she mentioned when I was in the showers that the Danish couple took the private room upstairs.
So cold in the albergue with 10 beds (tiny heater) in our room (3 rooms in total) with the rain still outside until the evening. Just want to get dinner quickly over with and have a early night's rest. The guy at the albergue recommended a place back in the center with pilgrim menu anytime. In the evening when we left for dinner the rain stopped, people were out in the streets again (much like Spain after their siesta) and we got our pilgrim menu with desserts and coffee for 8 euros. Back in the albergue a Hungarian mother and daughter. Think that's all for the day, the four of us all on flat (not bunk beds).
Now I have jet lag of 1 hour to add to the other problems.... đŸ˜‚

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