Monday, April 30, 2018

Camino Portuguese - Day 19 - Mos

23 km. Cold morning, forecast calls for rain which obviously came later in the morning. Nice walk along the Galician landscape which is similar to northern Portugal but without the cobblestones. Streams and Horreos in some houses to keep their corn dry. They have some in Portugal but the Galician design is unique.
The heel tendon kept at bay with the help of Gida and Ian's (Danish couple) Voltadol cream, got myself a tube at the pharmacy in O Porriño.
The 100 km mark is also before the town.
Also met up with Olivier there eating his lunch. Seems like everyone is pushing for Redondela. Not me (and Josie from Canada). A few km up from is a small hamlet of Mos with a municipal albergue I made my stop. Early meal and off to rest.
All municipal albergue in Galicia are the same. 6 euros and they give you disposable pillow case and mattress sheet. Good enough for today. In any case, unless one is very aggressive, it's still another 4 days to Santiago.
Now I just need to deal with the crowd as the last 100 km has more people, and in the case of this camino tomorrow in Redondela where the Coastal route joins the main route.
Funny how the pilgrim office in Santiago states the minimum is the 100 km of walk to get the compostela, because of that it is the not the best condition. Still, I have try this entry via Padrón.

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